10 Things About Wilmslow and Cheshire You Should Know

Ten Statistics About Wilmslow and Cheshire

To celebrate National Statistics Day, we’re running through the top 10 stats about our home, Wilmslow. Enjoy! 


Based on the census of 2001, Wilmslow had a population of 30,326, though this figure can vary depending on how the boundaries of the town are defined. In 2011, the original boundary area of the town was changed as former chancellor George Osborne’s constituency, Tatton, was dissolved. This meant the population was technically reduced to 24,497 as those outside of the boundary area were no longer included as part of the town’s official population. 


As one of the more religious areas in the UK, 76.7 % of the population identified as belonging to the Christian faith in 2001. This equates to 19,567 people. 1.4% of the population identified as Muslim and 0.7 % said they were members of the Jewish faith. This works out as 363 and 182 people respectively. 3,390 or 13.3% of people in the town said they had no religion and 6.1% (1,555 people) did not state their religion when questioned.


Wilmslow is a well-connected area with its own train station served by numerous national and local rail services. There are also several regular bus routes that run across the North West. Many people in the town commute for work and the number of households with access to at least one car rose considerably over the past decade from 82.3% in 2001 to 83.9% after the last census. As one of the more affluent areas in the North West, 42.8% of households now have access to at least two cars.


The number of adults living in Wilmslow with a degree level qualification has risen dramatically from just 23.8% in 2001 to 32% in 2011. This remains much higher than the national average which is just 27.2 % At the other end of the spectrum, the number of adults living in Wilmslow with no qualifications has fallen from 24.7% to just 19.6%. This is lower than the national rate which states that 22.7% of adults living in the United Kingdom have no formal qualifications at all.

Central Heating

As you would expect, the vast majority of homes in Cheshire East now have central heating with 97.7% of all houses benefitting from either gas or electric heating. Good news for the winter months when things can get quite chilly in the North. This is quite a significant increase as in 2001, when the last census was taken, only 92.2% of homes in Cheshire east reported having these facilities.

Living together

This part of the country is less densely populated than some of the more urban areas, however, there is still an average of 2.3 people in each house in the Cheshire East area. This is slightly lower than the national average which was last recorded as 2.4 people per house. Many people in this area own larger houses than the rest of the population and the average house contains 5.9 rooms and 2.9 bedrooms, which is significantly higher than the national average of 2.7 bedrooms and 5.4 rooms overall. Overcrowding is not a prevalent problem in Wilmslow with just 3.6% of residents suffering from this issue in 2011, slightly higher than the figure recorded in 2001, which was just 3.2%. The national average for individuals experiencing overcrowding problems in their own house is a massive 8.5% so this part of the country performs quite well by comparison.

Marriage and Children

In this part of Cheshire East more than of half-adults over the age of sixteen are married, with a recorded figure of 52.1% including 563 people who are registered as being in same-sex civil partnerships. This figure is higher than the national average which is just 46.6%. Parents raising a child by themselves live in one of 9337 households across the area, which is quite a significant increase as this figure was only 7121 in 2001. There is a predictably uneven split in terms of gender with 88.2% of these lone parents being female and just 11.8% being male.

Health and Disability

A fairly high proportion of the residents of Cheshire East reported having a long-term health condition that prevented them from doing some day to day activities with 17.5% suffering from a disability or health problem. 10.8% of the residents considered themselves unpaid carers with 2.2% of these people having to provide at least 50 hours of care per week.


Around one-third of all the employed residents in this area reported that they worked in a managerial position such as a director, senior official or other professional. This equates to 33.2% of employed adults in the Cheshire East area, a rise of 1.2% from 2001’s census which recorded the same group as just 32% of all employed adults. In this part of the country, the majority of employed adults work in the wholesale or retail trade. 16.3% of residents aged 16 to 74 reported having jobs in this kind of industry.

This area enjoys a high employment rate, which may account for its lucrative and well to do reputation. 64.4% of adults aged 16-74 are employed with just 3.2% unemployed and 7% registered on a full-time course of study. There is a fairly high number of retired individuals in this part of the country with 17.1% reporting that they no longer worked. A small proportion of just 3.1% reported being unable to work due to long-term health conditions.  


Wilmslow enjoys a relatively low crime rate when compared to the rest of the UK. The largest number of any recorded crimes in 2017 was 722 reports of anti-social behaviour, this was closely followed by 422 incidents of violent crime. The lowest recorded type of crime in this area is possession of weapons with just 5 incidents in the past year.

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