Why your brand NEEDS to start collaborating with online influencers

Social influencers are the future of content marketing

It’s one thing to use social media to show off your brand image, it’s quite another to learn how to get it in the public’s eye. I mean, you can spam your product on your Twitter over several big posts, but honestly, if all you do is show off what you’re selling, you are not going to get very far. That’s why it’s important to start working with social media influencers that are in your niche. Not only can that start up a whirlwind of sales on your brand, but they are the key to updating your brand from national to international.

Who are the social influencers?

With influencer marketing expecting to increase in 2019, it is important that you know which influencers are the best to speak to. Over 17% of companies spend around half of their marketing budget on creating campaigns that centre around a specific influencer, that’s why it’s important that you find the perfect influencer in your niche. That way you can make sure that you can keep one step ahead of your competition.

So, you may be asking yourself, who are the social influencers? Well, social influencers are media stars that have created a large following on a social media platform. This could be on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or a combination of several platforms.

From here it’s time to do your research. If you are a hairdressing shop then you may want to start with one of the beauty gurus who looks into hair tips or colour dye suggestions. However, if you are a publishing company or audiobook provider, you may want to look into book reviewing channels.

It’s imperative that you pick the right campaigner to ensure that their influence is spread to the right consumers. Here is how their influence works:

How social media influencers work?

Okay, so take a little look at this lovely image here. Right now, you are the top of the list. You are the brand and you want to figure out how you’re going to reach out to a wider audience of potential consumers. You can’t do it on your own, so you’re going to send a message to the social media star of your choice. Whilst some social media stars probably won’t interact with you unless you are a larger brand, it may be best to start with smaller influencers and try to get your products to catch on.

Once you are in communication with your influencer, you will need to discuss the idea of payment with them. The best way to go about this is to pay them either for a review or your product, or perhaps offer to sponsor them so they give you a shout out. Either way works, just keep in mind that this will cost you a little money to get started.

Now that you have constructed your deal with your social media influencer, they will start to advertise your brand to their followers. This may be in the form of a video or you may even have decided to collaborate with a potential influencer on making their brand. For instance, if you are a makeup creator, then you may want to work with a YouTube beauty guru to help make their palette. What matters is that you are creative with your ideas. The bigger your collaboration, the more attention you are likely to receive.

Why you should collaborate with a social media influencer?

In terms of marketing your business, social media influencers are great for advertising your latest brand of products. You can’t just do your marketing on your own, which is why it’s great to have them on board, especially if they are willing to do several collaborations with you. Here are the top reasons why you need to consider working alongside an influencer:

Improved Sales

If you are going to have an influencer work alongside your brand, you are going to generate some additional sales. Your chosen influencer will work hard to promote your brand to your audience. As the influencer trusts your product, this means that their potential fanbase will also be influenced to buy products from you. Think of it as a bandwagon. If your influencer shows off your products and how good you are, your campaign with them is more likely to bring in new customers. It’s a great way to market your product quickly or over a few weeks. This entirely depends on the length of your campaign.

Brand Awareness

Unfortunately, you can’t generate views on your own. You’re just another small brick in a wall of competitors. That’s why it’s so useful to use your influencers a stepping stone to market your brand. Scrunch did a case study on the idea of brand awareness and found that with 45 collaborators on their project, they were able to reach 980,071 consumers, with over 83,971 direct engagements. They concluded that:

“Influencer outreach establishes great connections and relationships for future opportunities. Even if nothing comes of the initial outreach, it is important to keep in touch and reconnect on future opportunities to work together. “

The more time you spend working with your influencer, the more likely it is that your brand will become a trusted name. You need someone to start spreading the word of your brand online. If you have the money to pay them then a social media influencer will do just that.

Developing Trust

I bet you did not know that consumers are more likely to trust the opinion of their fellow consumers rather than the brand itself? I mean, it does make sense. You’re a company and they connect to their consumers on a more direct and personal level. That’s why having an influence communicate that your brand is really good then there is a high chance that your company will start experiencing a rise in sales.

Social media have power and authority, heck, over 84% of consumers end up making a purchase just by reading about a product or service on an influencer blog- which is about 9 in 10 people. This shows just how powerful influencers truly are.

Great Communicators

Social media influencers have gained their status by building relationships with their fans. That means that they are experts and will certainly help you create your connection with consumers. They are practically the middle man and will help you jump forward with your product, giving you the advantage that other companies do not have. Their communication skills in the digital world will give you a mega boost in your advertising.

Helpful Advice

Influencers have been online for quite a long time. That means that they know about the sort of things that will get their promoters to the top of the food chain. Be sure to listen to their advice. You are getting more out of them in terms of experience than any sort of advertising and PR activities. Not only will you get your value for money out of working with them but their advice will help your campaign become unique.

Improved SEO

Are you looking for a way to lower your bounce rate or get more clicks? Well, social influencers will drive traffic straight to your website, store or your social media. This means that your profiles are bound to be improved. Your SERP ranking is sure to rise, especially if you have natural blog links asking consumers to go back to your website.

How to contact social media influencers?

It sounds a little obvious, but the best way to do it is by social media. If you private message a creator or send them an email, you may find that they reach out to you in return. Don’t expect them to get back to you immediately. They may be flooded daily with messages so need some time to get through them. If they don’t get back to you then try someone else until someone finally responds. That’s the best method to get started.

Are you ready to meet your new marketer?

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Whether you like it or not, social media plays a big part in advertising. Think of it as just another digital tactic to get people on your side. That’s why you need to start working with someone who has experience in the social media field. An influencer is the best way to get your product shared, tried and, eventually, trusted by loyal customers. You will be getting more brand revenue in no time!

If you need any more information on how you can use influencers to help with your products, feel free to contact The Website Store at any time. We are happy to talk to you about anything that you need assistance with!

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