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Win over your customers with your writing!

Content writing is the sort of thing that people do because they love writing in general. However, if you have a business then you’re going to have to think a little harder before you start smashing out your first post. Effective content writing is about building a relationship with your clients. You can find the best keywords or spam social media to oblivion, but unless you are willing to build a brand voice and create a personal connection, you will find that your brand will stop to drop in its search ranking on Google.

That’s why The Website Store is here to give you some of the best tips to build up your relationship with your clients through your writing. Anyone can crank out a few words about their brand, but a true e-commerce writer can take a business to the next level.

Why do you need good content?

Let’s be blunt. You need good content because it will get you more traffic, more page clicks and a lower bounce rate. But content is more than just typing out a few hundred words and thinking you’re done. Clearly, you know that if you’re looking up tips on how to writing content. If you really want to improve, take a piece of your writing and check it through. What is the meaning behind your content? When you write out a brand new website page, you need to consider what you wrote it for and will people actually find it useful.

Most novice writers start off by writing about anything that comes into their heads. That’s all well and good if you’re running a personal blog. But if you want to use content writing for improving your business, you need to look out for some of these potential problems in your written work:

Overdone Topics

How many times have you seen on the internet “best places to visit in London” or “how to de-stress after work?” Probably far too many times. Yes, it is a good idea to think of a question that lots of people want to be answered, but make sure that you keep it relevant to your website. The last thing you want is to be swamped out by your competition. Instead, think about what makes your brand unique and what people would want to know about it.

Bad Grama a-nd speeling

How painful was that title to read? It probably made you cringe quite a bit. Well, imagine what your clients feel when they see bad grammar and spelling on one of your blogs or even your homepage. When you have finished writing up your content, make sure to give it a check over for any potential errors. If you are writing a big piece of content then you may have even missed a word out (believe me, this happens to even the best of content writers.) The more you check, the more likely that your writing will be of high-quality stuff.


There’s only so many times you can write about the same thing on a blog before it starts looking a little spammy. People have posted junk online since the beginning, in fact, this was the original way of ranking on Google in general. However, times have changed and now you need to make sure you have bespoke, original and well-written content. Don’t take short cuts or else Google might punish your website for it.

Word Count

Word count can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to your content. What works for one page may not work for another. Just relax and take a look around the page itself. Is the content the main focus? If it isn’t then it may need a smaller word count. If it is, bam, go nuts on your writing. Just remember to try and make it over 150 words at least.

How to write good content

Now you know what you shouldn’t do when you write digital content for your website. But it’s time to move onto the main filling of the delicious content pie, how can you write good content? It’s all about developing your own brand voice and making it personal enough to connect with potential customers. Your content needs to be easy to understand, well-structured and have enough visual aspect to catch the eye of all of your clients. It doesn’t matter what type of content you are writing, just make it unique.

Scanner Writing

Before we jump into the niche topics of writing quality content, let’s start with some simple stuff. Namely, what your writing should look like! The best way to get over your message to your audience is by using the “scanner technique”. Your content should be so easy to read that it can be picked up by a scanner. Another way of looking at it is in relation to “skim-reading”. Everyone scans through content to find the information that they need. Therefore, your content needs to be well-spaced, easily readable and entirely original. Make sure to split up your paragraphs with headings and try and keep you writing style relaxed but informative. That way it can be read very fast and help you retain your readers’ attention.

Key Words and Synonyms

If you want to rank for your business then you need to target specific keywords in your industry that will allow you to rank highly. Your content needs to be informative and show off the fact that you are a highly credible source. For instance, you might be a “London Bakery”. Well, what sort of alternative keywords could you think of for this one? Perhaps, “Bakeries in London” or “Bakery London.” Either way, mixing up your keywords is the perfect way to avoid spam and add a bit of variety in your written work. So make sure you do your keyword research before you jump into uploading your work!

Provide answers to questions

Whether you are a big business or a small firm, if you have products to sell to your customers, they will have questions. Questions that are about your company, what you do, what you sell, what your brand is like and what you can offer will make your clients. So if you are going to write up some content, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Use bullet points and short, snappy sentences to inform your customers about everything that they need to know. You can even create blogs about specific products and guides to get them used to use your website.

Interactive Content

Sometimes, a picture can say something far better than words can. Everyone is always looking to use the best marketing techniques when it comes to improving their written work. But you can stay one step ahead of the game by combining it with interactive content. Interactive content includes polls, competitions, quizzes, videos audio…basically anything that can get an audience to click for more views.

If you combine your weekly blogs with an occasional poll or quiz, you may find that your content gets a lot more clicks and views than before. You can also include infographics on both your blog and social media platforms. Don’t be scared to use interactive content to get the opinions of your customers. Your clients will certainly appreciate that you are listening to their reviews and ideas.


You may also want to consider how interactive content will affect your mobile content. Your mobile content needs to fit onto a smaller screen but retain its main message. So be careful not destroy your mobile layout when you add your polls or quizzes.

Links and Backlinks

Once you have written up your content, you need to consider how you are going to make it authoritative. You want people to¬†know that you definitely understand what you’re talking about. That’s why it’s time to include some sweet quotes, internal and external links in your content. Don’t just spam links. These will lower your SERP ranking on Google.

Instead, pick external links that will strengthen your writing and your point of view. For instance, if you have a quote, don’t forget to cite it. That way you can make sure that your clients know exactly what you are talking about. Internal links are also fantastic for strengthening your website as a whole. If you think one of your pages needs some more views, link back to it in a blog or a different page? Just make sure that you link to the pages with fewer views. Its a waste of a link to link back to your more popular pages, i.e. your homepage.

Are you ready to make some fantastic content?

cat in a shirt types on a keyboard

CatGifs, Reddit

There are so many creative opportunities for budding content writers online. With a simple blog, you can write about a range of topics that will intrigue and excite your readers. You just need to make sure that all of your writing is SEO friendly and can put your business in its best light.

Got any more questions about content? Let The Website Site know! We can be contacted by Phone or Email.

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