Five Essential Resources For Web Development


One of the most important aspects of web development is keeping up with rapidly changing web technologies. Developers must always be proactive and keep an open eye when it comes to emerging new ideas and tools, although for beginners it can be easy to get lost in the ocean of plugins and libraries which the open web provides. We’ve put together a list of five resources which we think would be invaluable to any aspiring developer.

  1. W3Schools – The W3Schools website is simply a must-have for those just starting to get to grips with working on the web. It contains not only tutorials to get you started, but full references for HTML, CSS, JS and more – any striving developer should have this bookmarked!
  2. Google Fonts – The goal of Google Fonts is to make the web more fast and beautiful through great typography, and it certainly delivers on that promise. It maintains a library of nearly a thousand web-compatible fonts which are free for anybody to use.
  3. Bootstrap – Bootstrap is a popular HTML, CSS and JS framework used for speeding-up development of clean, mobile-ready websites. While it does require a working knowledge of HTML and CSS to get started, it makes the whole process of creating websites a little more accessible for those just starting out.
  4. Font Awesome – In most cases, uploading a large image file for a small icon on a website can affect the speed and loading times, and that’s where Font Awesome comes into play. This free resource gives you access to nearly 700 icons which have a minuscule file size yet are scaleable to any size. Whether you need an icon to represent a function of your user-interface or simply want to put a love heart somewhere, Font Awesome is a must-have.
  5. PageSpeed Insights – Another resource from Google, this tool allows you to analyse the loading speed of your website and gives suggestions as to how it could be improved. The process is as easy as entering a URL and hitting enter.

If you’re interested in learning more about the latest web technologies, check out our Web Development Page!

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