The Five Fundamental Programming Languages We Use at Website Store

Coding at Website Store

When it comes to web development, there are dozens of different programming languages available to use. While each of them definitely has their place, becoming an expert in every single one of them is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more advances are being made each year. We’ve put together a list of the five fundamental languages which we use at Website Store.

  1. SQL – SQL is used to manage information stored in databases. This could be anything from a website’s contact details to information about a catalogue full of products. Its efficiency and security have cemented it as the most widely used database language in the world.
  2. PHP – PHP is known as a server-side scripting language – in simple terms, this means that it gives web servers instructions about how they should behave. Systems built using PHP include WordPress and our in-house eCommerce Content Management System.
  3. HTML – Every single website on the internet is built using HTML – it’s a language that describes the structure of a page, and along with CSS and JavaScript it one of the cornerstones of the World Wide Web. The latest version, HTML5, was released in late 2014 and was designed to be easily readable by humans.
  4. CSS – After the structure of a site has been laid out using HTML, CSS is used to detail exactly how it should look – everything from the background colour to the size of the headings. The latest version introduced a number of invaluable components such as animations, and tools to help keep designs consistent across different screen sizes.
  5. JavaScript – Our final language, JavaScript, is a language which is generally used to program things which users will interact with such as menus or sliders. Extensions to JavaScript such as jQuery have become popular in the last decade in order for developers to more easily build these user interactions.

While these are the main languages we use on a day-to-day basis, they’re really just the tip of the iceberg. Web technologies are constantly evolving, and it’s imperative that all of our developers remain informed about all the latest languages and techniques.

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