How To Produce High-Quality Content That Gets You Ranking

High Quality Content

The aim of every website owner should be to produce a high-quality resource for their visitors, whether this is an e-commerce website, a blog or a social media platform.

Part of creating high-quality content is aiming to ensure that the content you have created is user-friendly and easily accessible. By this, I mean that by making your content easy to digest, attractive to look at and written in a way that users would like to read, you will be more likely to keep users reading and in turn, decrease your bounce rate and increase conversion rates.


In regards to SEO when writing content for your website, bare in mind the philosophy of ‘producing a high-quality resource’ and ensure that what you are writing is not only informative; but also answers the query you set out to answer.

Correctly optimizing your content is imperative to ensuring that your content makes sense, reads easily and raises the importance of certain ideas and phrases. We use a variety of HTML tags and typographical devices to distinguish certain words from others in a block of text. You can use this to optimize your text to become more appealing to users and increase the relevance of your text to google bot; these HTML tags include:

* Header Tags: Through the use of well-structured Heading Tags, this will ensure that both users and Googlebot will better understand the order in which to prioritize the importance of each part of your text.

* Strong:

Strong tags (Also known as the out-dated Bold[<b>] tag) are another way in which you are able to emphasise your text. Remember that these are mutually exclusive to emphasis tags and if you emphasise too much text, you are emphasising nothing. Strong tags are best used to emphasise a full phrase, sentence or idea of a rich text; whilst italics, by contrast, tend to be used for smaller words, ideas and phrases.

* Emphasis:

Emphasis or Italics is used to stress the importance of a certain word or idea and can be used in a variety of circumstances. These can be used for titles that stand on their own, well-known foreign words spoken in English, and emphasis on certain words.

* Underline:

The underline tag is becoming more and more out-dated and is interchangeable with italics. You should never use both underline and italics on the same word and is poor practice to use both in the same content.

Internal and External Linking

The best way to think about internal and external links is if you are able to provide a deeper insight into a topic on your website, internally link. Alternatively, if an external website is able to give more insight than you on a particular topic, if you are referencing a website, or if the idea that you are linking to is not contained on your website; externally link.

It is important to add internal and external links to your website to both increase click-through rates and provide the customers with a more valuable resource. Google does not expect you to be able to cover every angle of every topic, which is why with the use of correct linking you will be able to create a much more user and SEO friendly website. When using internal links Google will reward you for linking to deeper pages in your website that may not be easily accessible from the homepage.

Keyword Consistency

When writing content from an SEO perspective, it is important that you include important keywords, keyword variations and LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords. Keyword consistency is an important part of SEO and whilst you may want to include these keywords, synonyms and LSI’s, it is important that you do not overdo your content as this will be seen as an attempt to manipulate Google rankings.

Depending on how competitive your particular keyword may be, the amount of content you have written and the time in which you are choosing to use the keyword, you may have to include/exclude more keywords. Remember, keywords are used to make your content relevant, but it’s more important to make your content a good resource that reads well!

Copied Content

Through the combination of content scrapers, malicious attacks and laziness, webmasters often find that other websites have copied their content. This is harmful to both parties and may lead to a decrease in SERP rankings as Google wants to provide users with original content. It is important to check for copied content frequently by copying some of your content and pasting it into google; this will help to find any pages which have been indexed and have copied your content.

If you find that somebody has copied your content, the first course of action is to try to contact the webmaster and ask them to remove it. If they are unresponsive and choose not to respect your request, you may file a removal request at DMCA which if done correctly, will lead to the removal of any copied content you have submitted.

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