Top SEO techniques to improve your rankings in 2019

Pick an SEO strategy that works

Do you want to improve your SEO ranking for your website? Well, you have come to the right place. The Website Store’s SEO department is always looking for new strategies to improve our clients’ website ranking. That’s why we want to share with you today some of the newest SEO strategies that have come out 2019. These techniques will make sure that your website’s HTML shows up on a high ranking SERP and that you stay there. A lot of these techniques are the sort of things that you can do at home on your CMS. So, why not give them a short yourself or ask your SEO technician to help you out!

Write up some long blogs

Now, one of the main things that SEO experts stress is that your content needs to be good. People go on websites to find out information. So if they stay for longer, and your bounce rate is lower, that means that your content is answering your viewers’ questions.

The best way to do this is to pick questions that you know that your clients want to be answered. For instance, if you have a hairdressing company, you may want to write a blog on what the company’s best styles are or what sort of high-end or quirky styles you could offer to your customers. Never just randomly write a blog because you feel like it. You may not think that a blog needs careful planning, but trust me, it really does.

Once you have thought of your blog then it’s time to apply the scanner technique to your writing. Your writing needs to be simple enough that it could be easily scanned through with the information absorbed. To do this, you need to figure out how to structure your blogs with good headings.

Your H2 titles should be for separate topics, whilst your H3s should be for topics that run off the previous. So, let’s go with the hairdressing topic again as an example. If we were going to structure a blog on “The best hair colours for autumn”, a basic plan might look like this

<H1> Autumn is the perfect time to choose your hair colour </H1>

<H2> Orange hair looks warm and vibrant </H2>
(main content here)
<H3>What shades of orange can our company offer? </H3>
(main content here)
<H2> Red hair can make you suit the season </H2>
(main content here)
<H3> Our company can dye your hair the perfect red</H3>

Keep to that structure and your blogs will look great! Just make sure to check your spelling and grammar before you upload your work. No one wants to read a messy set of writing. They will just give up and leave your pages.

Add some interactive content to your blogs

Now, you can add some interactive content to your blogs in the forms of quizzes, infographics, audio and video content or polls. But honestly, you can also add them to any part of your website that you please. Interactive content is the way of the future. With over 81% of marketers believing that interactive content grabs the readers attention, this is bound to lead to repeat visitors and growth in your online exposure.

So, why not add a few quizzes to your website or polls to see what your audience thinks of you? The more you can persuade your audience to interact with you, the more you will find that they will let you know their thoughts. This will lead to a more personalised experience for the customer and, hopefully, will help you gain their loyalty.

Keep an eye on your mobile website

If you keep an eye on Google and its ranking system, you will have noticed that it’s started mobile indexing since March. That means you need to have a savvy mobile website to make sure you can keep a high SERP ranking. Instead of just shrinking your screen, think about its functionality and how you can remaster the screen to fit in all of your content. Speak to your web designer about it, they will be able to help your vision come to life!

Keyword Optimisation

If you invest in programmes like SemRush or Screaming Frog, or even Google Analytics, you will be able to see how well your website is actually performing. However, one of the main things that you need to consider is your keywords.

What sort of specific phrases and words will your phrases will your website actually rank for? Well, think about the sort of industry you are in. If you are a hairdresser, you may want to consider advertising your services in relation to the area you live in. That could mean that your keywords are “London Hairdressers” or “Hairdressers in London” or even “Hairdressers London.” Try and be diverse with your keyphrases. That way you can try and rank for more than one thing.

Once you have found your keywords, try placing them in your content. Your H1 is the most important place for your keyword to be placed, for this is where clients will decide whether they want to look into your content or not. Your keyword should also be in your first sentence. That way it is more likely that it will rank for it.

Try not to spam your keyword too much. Google might lower your ranking if it thinks that you are trying to cheat your way up the rankings. Instead, just use different keywords around 5 times in your content. That way you can show that you know what you’re talking about without overusing the key phrase. You should also consider putting your keyphrase in your meta description.

Speed Optimisation

Did you that as of 2018 page speed actually became a ranking factor? Although your page speed doesn’t influence rankings a lot, it can influence how much traffic will stay on your website. That means that if you’re getting a high bounce rate due to slow loading speed, you may find that your ranking inadvertent drops. Make sure to run regular technical audits to ensure your website is fully optimised. You may also want to consider how big programmes on your website (such as a chat feature or video content) might slow your website down. If it is worth keeping then keep it. If it does not then get rid of them.

Internal and External Links

No matter what sort of websites you own, at the end of the day you are going to be using links to strengthen the trustability of your website. Whilst you cannot spam your content with links, if you want to quote a fact or information, don’t forget to link back to the original. This will make you look more relevant if you are using strong sources.

If you have noticed that some of your pages are getting fewer views than others, try internal linking them through your blogs and relevant pages. Of course, you cannot spam them everywhere, but try making the link and anchor text look natural. That will make it look less “spammy.”

Use your Social Media

If you’ve got social media then you have the perfect instruments to advertise your business and website. Whether you’re using Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or have a Pinterest account, you can advertise different parts of your website. For instance, if you are having a sale on red hair dye, make a quirky slogan and advertise it on Twitter. Maybe even compare hair dyes on Instagram and ask which your customers like better! There are lots of possibilities for advertising your products and services via your social media. Be sure to look at the bigger accounts to see if you take inspiration from their own social media marketing plans.

Small things matter!

Take a look at your website. Whilst you may not think that small things like broken links, missing headers, meta descriptions and alt tags don’t matter, but eventually, they will add up. Try to go through your website a page at a time and see what is missing. Make a list and then try to fix what you can. Leave the rest to your SEO technician!

Do you know how to optimise your website?

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If you look at any business orientated website, you have to realise that they will have an SEO strategy implemented to make sure that their website is seen. You need to have a strong SEO strategy to make you stand out in comparison to them. Make sure that your website is bold and blunt. That way your customers know exactly what you can offer them. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact The Website Store! That way we can help you with all the small details and get the ball rolling on your amazing website.


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