The Google Pay Per Click Keyword Types You Need To Know

PPC Keyword Types

Setting up a Google Adwords PPC Campaign seems a lot easier than it actually is. It seems so simple to just set up your account, enter in a few relevant keywords and away you go – watch the sales roll in. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how it works.

Creating and maintaining a successful PPC campaign relies on a lot of researching into what you are doing. There really is no day where you will be able to say that you couldn’t improve your campaigns – it’s all about trial and error. In today’s blog post we are talking you through the 4 keyword matches you need to understand when setting up your PPC. These are the most important things to get perfect, as these are the words that will trigger your ad to show up.

How to write a keyword in Broad Match Type: Luxury Furniture

Broad Match Type – This is the default match type for when anyone sets up an account. Basically, it just means that you have entered in the keyword with no symbols around it – just the word. This is the match type that is likely to bring you in a lot more traffic and increase your exposure. However… This may not be as great as it sounds. If someone searches for ANY word in your keyword OR any word that is slightly similar to your keyword – your ad is going to show up.

For example, if I am selling furniture and I have a campaign set up with the keyword “luxury sofa” – if someone searches “luxury clothing”, my ad is probably going to show up. It just takes a few people who aren’t paying attention to click on your ad and your budget may be used up straight away. That increase in exposure doesn’t sound so great now, does it?

How to write a keyword in Modified Broad Match Type: Luxury +Furniture

Don’t worry, there are ways around this unnecessary spending . Modified Broad Match is the in-betweener. This match type allows you to still reach that wider audience but lets you choose which words NEED to be in the search query to show up. For example, If I change my keyword to luxury +sofa, Google now only shows your ads to searchers with the word sofa in. This is a good addition as it reduces the risk of spending most of your budget on irrelevant clicks.

How to write a keyword in Phrase Match Type: “Luxury Sofa”

There are also 2 other types of matches that are a little more specific. Using Phrase Match ensures that your ad will only show up to people who have searched for that exact phrase, in that exact order. However, Google also shows your ads to searchers with words before and after that exact phrase. For example, if my keyword was “Luxury Sofa”, my ad could show up for the search query “Discount Luxury Sofa”.

How to write a keyword in Exact Match Type: [Luxury Furniture]

Lastly, we have Exact Match. This is the one to use if you want a specific keyword to trigger your ad. People will only see your ad when the search for your exact keyword. No synonyms, no spelling mistakes, no mixed up words. Remember, this does mean not as many impressions and not as many clicks. However, it does mean that your ads will be showing up to the people who are specifically searching for you. Which would you prefer?

As of February 2017, We are now a Google Certified Pay Per Click Agency.

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