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The Top SEO Tools To Use To Get Ranking Quickly

SEO Tools

One major avenue of SEO is that of the tools available and how they are used. The difference between new SEO and expert SEO can often just be the use of these and the way in which they are harnessed to plan future campaigns and in turn, produce outstanding results.

Google recommends to Webmasters a variety of tools which may be used to improve both your strategic and analytical power. One of these is Google Webmaster Tools. This website can be used to gain insight and includes the following…

Search Appearance

  • Structured Data – The use of Schema helps Googlebot to understand the purpose of your website.
  • Rich Cards – Rich cards provide data to Google search about your pages and products; this can be displayed in a wide range of formats and may increase click-through rate.
  • Data Highlighter – This tool helps users to view ‘Key information’ in search.
  • HTML Improvements – A tool used to help you to increase the quality of HTML on your website, this in turn will improve performance and user experience.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages – This tool is aimed to provide a way to improve the load speed of pages on slow networks and mobile devices.

Search Traffic

  • Search Analytics- This tool allows you to analyse your website’s performance. This tool displays which keywords are ranking, in what position, how many impressions each keyword receives, in which country they are ranking, how many clicks they receive and what the click-through-rate is.
  • Links to your site – This tool enables you to view who is linking to your website and in turn, allows you to find and malicious links that may have been picked up so you can request removal of the link or disavow it.
  • Internal links – This tool enables you to view how many pages are internally linking to each page and in which order they are linking; this can help you to fix website-architecture.
  • Manual Actions – This tool helps you to track manual Webspam actions which have been taken against your website.
  • International Targeting – This tool enables you to target a particular audience based on country or language.
  • Mobile Usability – This tool enables Webmasters to view any mobile usability issues which may be affecting your website.

Google Indexing

  • Index Status – Allows you to view how many pages are indexed and displays a graph which shows indexed pages in correspondence to the date in which they were indexed.
  • Blocked resources – This tool allows you to view which pages have resources which are blocked to Googlebot.
  • Removed URLS – This tool displays which URL’s you have temporarily removed from search results

Crawling of your Website

  • Crawl Errors – This website allows you to track URL errors on Desktop and Smartphone.
  • Crawl Stats – Crawl stats displays the Googlebot crawl activity stats over the last 90 days.
  • Fetch as Google – Webmasters can use the ‘Fetch and Render’ tool to request pages for indexing and view how Google renders your pages.
  • Robots.txt Tester – This tool is used to test your robots.xt file and view which resources are allowed/disallowed from indexing.
  • Sitemaps – This tool allows you to submit your sitemap to google for indexing and v: how many pages have been indexed/submitted.
  • URL Parameters – This tool is used to exclude URL’s from google indexing and configure URL p: metres.
  • Security Issues – This tool will display any security issues Googlebot has found on your website.

Google Analytics

Another tool used by Webmasters is the Analytics tool. The analytics tool enables Webmasters to analyse traffic received : your website to view which sources are most effective. Metrics such as ‘new users’, ‘bounce rate’, ‘pages/session’ and ‘average session duration’ are used to give you an idea of what works and where improvements need to be made.

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