The Top Five Marketing Nightmares

As Halloween approaches, we’ve been thinking about some of the nightmarish niggles and devilish dilemmas that plague the marketing industry. Whether you tremble in terror at the excruciating process of transferring content between sites or have recurring nightmares about the mutating landscape of SEO, there’s always an army of macabre marketing monsters to do battle with. Here are some of the hideous horrors that every person in marketing fears the most.

Social Media: A Necessary Evil.

Almost everybody uses social media and to ignore its influence on marketing would be like digging your own grave; metaphorically speaking, of course. When you create content you no doubt focus on quality and careful editing to make sure you’ve exterminated any ghoulish grammar problems or frightening framerate issues. This is obviously the most critical part of the process but beware of the spectral presence of poor social media reach.

All of your hard work could end up dead and buried if you don’t take the time to update your social platforms thoroughly. Making time to keep your socials buzzing with fresh content can be difficult, but there are some great automated platforms out there which can act as a powerful weapon in the battle against stagnant social media.

At Website Store, we offer the full marketing mix, including social media management; so, if you want to take the terror out of Twitter or remove the fear from Facebook, let us take care of this for you. We don’t scare easily.

Offline Marketing: The Platform That Refuses to Die.

No matter how well you prepare your arsenal of online marketing strategies, there’s one lingering spectral presence that still haunts even the most dynamic of marketing agencies. Physical marketing, despite what some people may believe, is still alive and wreaking havoc in most areas of the industry. Designing your flyer, poster or leaflet takes serious time and effort but without a reliable printing and distribution channel, your work will never achieve its full potential. Sometimes it’s necessary to put in the legwork, literally in some cases, to ensure that you reach as many people as possible. This is especially true of local marketing where it can still be effective to do physical flyer drops and strategic poster placement. Like many things in life, there’s no easy way around this and the best way to defend against the serial business killers of apathy and disinterest is to set time aside to get out of the office and engage with your audience.

SEO: The Fear of The Unknown.

This is a term that strikes fear into the hearts of even the savviest marketing professionals. With Google’s ever-changing rules and the profoundly unpredictable nature of SEO, this specific and often ignored area of marketing is a bubbling cauldron of uncertainty. You might have written ten fantastic articles using all of the right keywords, then checked for readability; yet, before your eyes, you witness the living nightmare of your site sliding down the rankings.

There are no quick fixes and frantic backlinking or intensified keyword density won’t save you from the cold, impervious judgement of Google and its users. The only way to defend against this unseen terror is to reinforce your website with titanium strength content that your users actually want to read.

Here at the Website Store, we have a dedicated team of SEO experts and content writers who spend all day, every day using the latest techniques to get our clients on to page one and keep them there. So, if the ghostly apparition of SEO is haunting your business, get in touch to see how we can help.

Email Marketing, trick or treat?

E shots can be one of the most effective tools a business has at its disposal, but only if they’re on target. Sending emails to all of your potential customers indiscriminately will potentially do more harm than good. Be honest, how often do you actually read the spam that clogs up your inbox? Probably rarely at best.

So how do you make sure your customers treat your marketing emails like candy apples, not day old turnips? Think about who really needs to see what you’re sending and segment your database of contacts accordingly. Live music venues and costume shops will no doubt be really busy at this time of year but furniture makers may not be.

This takes time and effort but as with so much in life, you reap what you sow. We managing the email marketing campaign for a number of our clients all from diffrent kinds of industries, so if you have a beast of a campaign to deal with, let Website Store do it for you.

Every marketing team’s worst nightmare

This one is really terrifying. Worse than demonic possession, poltergeist activity or zombie vampires. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many sandbag barricades you put up or how much-crooked wood you’ve nailed up against the window, this force of pure evil can find its way into the heart of your business. Thankfully, it’s never happened to us, but we’ve heard tales from other agencies who have somehow lived through this petrifying predicament.

So, although we aren’t trying to scare you on purpose, we feel it is our duty to let you know that sometimes, despite their best intentions, people who work in marketing experience the unthinkable; they run out of coffee.

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