Why upgrading from Shopify to a bespoke CMS is the best thing you will do all year

Shopify makes e-commerce easy and after several years of using it, online sellers know that it can be a very simple and easy way to do business. 10 years ago, online shops were still in the embryonic stages of development with several sites suffering major problems due to security breaches, extensions that didn’t work properly and most notably, awkward and difficult user interfaces.

Now there are a more e-commerce platforms than ever before which is something of a double-edged sword for the online business world. In one sense, the choice means that people have more opportunities than ever in terms of how and where they sell their products and services but the choice of platforms can be extremely overwhelming for inexperienced users or those who have no use for the seemingly endless features that are available.

Recently, a new platform known as Webstore has been announced. This is a fully customisable, bespoke e-commerce platform that allows users to refine their Webstore to include the specific features they need, rather than offering a multitude of options that may never be used. This means the seller has total control over the look, feel and most importantly, the overall user experience of their site.

If your business has the need for multiple packaging options, for example, this can easily be included to operate as a standard feature. Similarly, if you have no use for this kind of feature, you can leave it out so that your customers don’t become confused when ordering.

The key when it comes to e-commerce platforms is cost. Many of the most popular options come with a galaxy of features that at first glance, may seem like incredible value for money, however, when we take a step back and look at these from a business perspective, things are not quite as simple as they seem.

If you plan to make use of all of these features, then there’s no problem, but in reality, very few online businesses will genuinely use everything that is offered in the package they are sold. Unfortunately, most existing platforms do not allow customers to remove the features they don’t use, meaning that they end up paying for a service they will never benefit from. To combat this, Webstore allows users to remove everything they don’t need from the program or conversely, add a lot more.

If you’re unsure whether to upgrade your existing e-commerce website or not, here are a few good reasons to do it:

  • Choose the features that suit your business
  • Get rid of useless, pointless add-ons
  • Streamline your website to suit your users
  • Include unique features to generate more traffic and sales
  • A totally unique user experience that nobody else can provide
  • Stand out from the crowd with bespoke designs and layout




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