Love The Website Store, Love Warrington

The Website Store has moved to Warrington!

So, in one of our previous blogs, we talked about how The Website Store had decided to move to Warrington. You may have wondered to yourself, what prompted this move? Our last location in Wilmslow seemed to be perfect for our business. Well, naturally times change and as a company expands, it’s time to move to a better location for the market. That’s why Warrington ended up becoming the perfect spot for expanding our business.

I’ve never heard of Warrington before…

Well, that’s a shame! Warrington is located in Cheshire and is only around 30 minutes away from Manchester Central. It’s a wonderful town that has a great culture to immerse yourself. With restaurants, a golden shopping centre and two fountains that reside in the city centre. If it’s sunny, it’s the perfect place to rest with your lunch. Our employees love working in this new city as it really is a gorgeous area that gets them plenty of fresh air and exploration opportunities.

What’s so good about Warrington?

Well, our employees love Warrington that one of them has even moved to the area! It has a great city centre with ample opportunity for shopping and great dining experiences. The Website Store has been lucky enough to find a great spot to set up shop. We are in the heart of Warrington Central and welcome clients to come and visit us on a regular basis. Our address is:

67 Sankey Street, Warrington


Top facts about Warrington

We spoke a little about Wilmslow as a whole in a previous blog, so why not do the same with Warrington? Here are some of the top fact about this amazing city in the North-West:

  • The beginning of a brand: Ikea’s first UK store was actually set up in Warrington! It was opened in the 1980s but now has expanded. Warrington also has the Golden Square and Stockton Heath as its main shopping points.
  • A place in American history: I bet you did not know that Warrington is actually known across the Atlantic! In World War II, Burtonwood RAF was a base in one of the largest airfields outside of the USA for the US Air Force.
  • Roman Histories: Warrington was actually discovered by the Romans. It was developed as a residential settlement by the Saxons. That’s why this town was originally known as a “market town” since textual and tool production became the first trading items within the city. This only expanded during the Industrial Revolution. Economic trading included textiles, brewing, chemicals and even tanning!
  • Cultural City: Warrington is a city where culture has a strong presence. The residents are fans of art, music and cultural activities. That is why Warrington is filled with old libraries, art galleries and parks.
  • Top-Notch Ruby Players- The Warrington Wolves are one of the only rugby teams that have never been relegated. They are also the only club to ever have played in every season of the rugby league’s top division

Warrington has a very interesting history and truly is a remarkable city. We are confident that The Website Store can grow into a huge brand in this area of the UK!

What’s your Warrington office like?

Honestly, in comparison to what The Website Store’s office used to look like, this store is in the heart and centre of a bustling community. Our new building gives ample opportunity to allow customers to look into our store and consider our website options. If you want to visit us then you are more than welcome to do so! We are more than happy to talk to our clients about anything that you want to know more information about.

As we have such a beautiful office, and fully intend to show it off, we are also planning on including an interactive board in our waiting area that will help you plan your website before meeting with our sales team. Here is how it will work:


Our helpful sales team would be happy to help you with figure out the nitty-gritty parts of your website and any functionalities that come along with. Using our future design board will help you visualise exactly what you want. That way our design team can make your creative vision come to life and you can feel happy with the product you receive.

More updates on this board will come in the future when it is ready to go!

Do your staff like your new location?

Of course! They love their new office and work location. Warrington is a bustling city of creativity. The new office allows them a relaxed setting to create new designs, SEO plans and fresh content. It has a large kitchen with big windows and a quirky wooden table, as well as a relaxation space with a comfortable sofa and even an arcade machine. It’s a great place to work hard and play harder.

Are you still offering the same services?

Yes! Now that we have settled down it’s time for us to get back to work on your website. We are still ready to offer you a flawless Web Design or SEO plan, you just need to know exactly what you want. We would be more than happy to discuss any new website plans with you. Start the conversation and we will help you move forward!

Come visit The Website Store in Warrington.

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Source: University of Alaska Fairbanks

Why not swing on by our office to have a little chat about your website? Here at The Website Store, we are always ready to help you with everything that is on your mind. That way, your website can truly shine out and outdo its competition.

We can’t wait to hear from you soon!


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