Where have we been?

Boy, do we have news for you!

So, you may have been wondering where The Website Store has been for the last few months. Well, we have been incredibly busy. We are so sorry that we have been quiet for so long.

In order to compensate for our quiet period, we are now going to update our blog every two weeks. However, if our writers are feeling inspired, you may be lucky enough to get a few extras that pop up out of the blue. They’ll be on gritty marketing topics that you will be able to sink your teeth into. If you’ve got your own ideas for a blog, why not contact us to let us know? Our content team would be happy to forage around the internet for answers before bamming out a new blog!

What has The Website Store been up to?

Let’s get into the main reasons why we haven’t updated our website for so long. Now, here at The Website Store, we don’t really like making excuses. However, we have had a series of updates that are aimed at expressing our marketing creativity and giving back to you, the customer.

Here is what we have been up to over the last year or so:

New Office

Yes, that’s correct! The Website Store has actually moved away from Wilmslow in order to accommodate our growing staff numbers. We now reside in Warrington in a cosy office space that has several floors, large office rooms, a large kitchen and a relaxation space. All of The Website Store’s employees agree its the perfect place to express our creativity and think of new marketing ideas, such as fresh web designs and identifying new keywords. It really is a great place to work.

If you want to come and visit us, then you are more than welcome to! We would love to talk to you about your website in person. That way you can come and see our office for yourself. Our address is:

67 Sankey Street, Warrington WA1 1SL

We are looking forward to seeing you soon to discuss all of your ideas.

New Projects

Not only have we been focusing our time on getting used to our new office (and the new clients that have come along with it), but we have been working on the following projects:

  • Style Matters
  • Cenploy
  • Sky Airport Parking

These projects are still currently in the process of being completed, but we will have more information on them soon once they ready for action! If you are feeling curious about them, or maybe are interested in something that might be a little similar, feel free to ring up to have a chat about them. We are always ready to share our ideas and let you know everything that we have been up to.

Our Fresh Faced Website

I bet you didn’t realise that we are planning on giving our website a brand new update! Well, that’s because we haven’t told you about it yet. Our development and design team have been working endlessly to bring you a smooth website that functions like a dream. It will now be easier than ever to order your favourite Webstore products. Need some SEO for your website? Not a problem. The new website will highlight our popular products and make it simple for you to find and order them. Once you see the new website, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off our pages.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re also interested in a new design for your own website! We are flattered that you like our designs so much and would be more than happy to help you think of your own. Take a peek at our Web Development page for more information.

What plans could we have next?

The Website Store always has something new up its sleeve. After all, it keeps our employees busy and our customers thoroughly excited. Our focus right now is on our projects but that does not mean that we won’t think of additional projects that will require our attention.

What will you blog in the future?

If there’s a marketing topic that needs to be discussed then this blog will talk about it. When it comes to the world of business blogs, there needs to be a level of trust between clients and writers. Clients expect to be advised on the best way forward when it comes to their work, therefore our content writers will always endeavour to give you the best advice possible. We will keep our blogs updated on a regular basis on a range of topics that help you consider your website and digital advertising through a whole new light.

Just remember, if you have your own ideas about what you want us to write, feel free to share them. We will get them on the blog ASAP.

Until next time


WS Content Writer

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